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TechMark Courses


  • Optimize the integrated management of talents, capital and assets in an effective way
  • Provide guidance for building sustainable competitive advantages and long-term growth
  • Maximize stakeholder interests both internally and externally
  • Access lean thinking, think outside the box, discover loopholes in management and develop a mentality of value-creation
  • Analyze the dynamic relations between market, business model, corporate strategy and operations
  • Develop a global perspective

Learn In Real Time
TechMark participants typically range from mid-level executives and heads of departments and business units to presidents and CEOs from all industry segments-including manufacturing, financial, utilities and services companies.

TechMark can be used to train the management team of a company, or managers of its clients, suppliers or partners.

TechMark is also a good choice to train future leaders of companies to prepare for long-term growth

Multiple Versions of TechMark Business Acumen Courses

We have the following versions of TechMark Business Acumen courses available:


- Maximizing Return on Investment (ROE, Chinese version available)

  1. The program is woven together by return on equity, a most frequently used concept to measure the return on investment. Participants will learn the determinants of ROE as well its impacts upon operations and investments. They will learn to develop financial analysis tools based on ROE, be acquainted with the specific methods and approaches for decision-making, and achieve appropriate return on equity.


- Achieving Economic Profit (EVA, Chinese version available)

  1. How to look at profits? Are profits equal to effective operations? Economic Value Added (EVA), which was invented in the US in 1980s and has been prevailing since then allows us a new perspective to look into cost structure. Through the introduction of the concept of capital cost, TechMark means to tell the participants that any investment is required to set a bottom-line for minimal return. TechMark helps participants understand the importance of capital cost, the concept of EVA and its differences with net income. The purpose is to teach to build a management system based on EVA to maximize return on investment and shareholder value.


- Telecom World

  1. echMark has developed Telecom World, an industry-specific version of TechMark to demonstrate the flow of information, products, services and capital in the telecom supply chain. As a role-playing and collaborative learning model, ?It enables participants to learn how to bring in orders and maximize profit and customer value through the interaction of handheld device manufacturers, telecom service providers and retail buying groups, The program addresses such challenges as cost control, inventory management, customer service, product lifecycle and channel management faced by the telecom industry.


- Supply Chain

  1. A well-functioning supply chain is playing an increasingly important role in business operations. TechMark team has developed the supply chain management version to address this issue. Different to the traditional mode of training, this program cut into a new angle to enable participants to perceive the processes, objectives and methods of supply chain management by role-playing. For instance, participants are assigned roles to play OEMs, distributors and vendors to accustom to each element of supply chain management and to explore approaches to solve commonly seen problems. The purpose is to enlighten managers that in a global environment of white-heated competition, companies along the supply chain are not of exclusive and competitive relations, but of cooperative and competitive relations with increasing complexity and volatility. Most of the time, managers will discover that cooperation for shared growth becomes indispensable and vitally important. Participants will learn to recognize their advantages and disadvantages and to manage their cooperation with upper and lower stream partners to accomplish a win-win situation so as to sustain competitive advantages and long-term growth.


- Entrepreneurship

  1. The Entrepreneurship version was developed in 1990s with an aim to help startup companies to better their decision-making and properly respond to the competition from entrenched players. It distills the essence of Babson’s No. 1 Entrepreneurship course in the US and enumerates and analyzes the most commonly encountered problems in entrepreneurship. The course not only covers the value-related activities like product development, packaging and marketing, but also includes such tops like venture capital, financing and capital allocation. Through the simulation of the real-industry and real-startup environment, TechMark attempts to make it practical in helping participants to broaden their minds and explore various approaches to start up businesses. Participants will have an integrated learning and understanding of entrepreneurship out of this TechMark version preferred by many venture capital firms.


Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Managers
The flow of money affects every department in your organization. Yet few mangers have formal training in the principles of accounting and finance. This program has been specifically designed to help non-financial mangers expand their financial knowledge so they can maximize the performance of their business groups.

TechMark can be used to train the management team of a company, or managers of its clients, suppliers or partners.

TechMark is also a good choice to train future leaders of companies to prepare for long-term growth.