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Customer Perspective

The role of TechMark can be described in two words: Ice-breaking and warm-up. TechMark is like a miniature of a real-world competition; all the key factors of business administration are exhibited in the program.
—— Dr. Di Peng, Deputy Director of EMBA Program,
Tsinghua School of Economics and Management
“I now see that strategy determines everything, through TechMark, we learn the importance of scientific decision-making, process management and the spirit of teamwork.”
—— Cai Mingfa, Student of China-Europe International
Business School
“You will learn to experience from failure and discover answers from problems. If middle-level to senior-level managers participate a program like TechMark, they will get guidance for operations and growth.”
—— Chang Jiang, Student of First Class of EMBA of Tsinghua School of
Economics and Management
“It takes long-term perspective to run a successful business, there are many financial indicators like ROE and ROA to help us achieve that; Making a business decision takes a game-theory mentality, drive, teamwork spirit and collaboration, these factors are the key to success in running businesses.”
—— Dong Zengping, Chairman,
Shanghai Sieyuan Electric Co. Ltd.
We have learned a way to improve our strategic decision-making through TechMark. Our perspective in management has also switched from a mere focus on sales to a more holistic oversight of R&D, product and market positioning, cash flow management, inventory management and so on. We also understand the perils of making decisions without scientific and quantitative analysis.
—— Wang Zongnan, President of
Shanghai Brilliance Group Co. Ltd.
“With its in-depth global learning experience, TechMark help managers see all sectors of a multinational business with a clear focus.”
Program Director Siemens Advanced Management Program
“TechMark is a great way for companies to better understand the full breadth of business issues required to be competitive. The content and professors are thorough, entertaining and educational.”
Managing Director, CMP Institute for Partner Education & Development
“While many companies focus on just one aspect of executive training, TechMark combines it all. It’s the perfect vehicle for understanding and experiencing how a company works. Our people walk out of the course saying, ’This was great fun and an extraordinary learning experience’.”
—— Head of Executive Education ,
Infineon Technologies Ag
“As an elite, high caliber solution provider, TechMark understands how critical it is to invest in making businesses as strong and stable as possible to ensure their growth and long-term sustainability”
—— Elaine K. Smith,
Director, Strategic Learning Technologies,
Lucent Technologies
“Thank you very much for all your excellent work, which opened a brand-new window to our ‘Future Leaders’ on how to properly run a company, we were very impressed by your commitment and professionalism. Everyone on our team really enjoyed working with you. ”
—— Jenny Ni, Manager of Human Resources,
Unilever China