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About TechMark

Some companies are top performers. They have the right products, the right strategies,the right timing. Others are lackluster. They run for awhile with the pack ... [More]


Creating Top Performers
Some companies are top performers. They have the right products, the right strategies,
the right timing. Others are lackluster. They run for awhile with the pack, but fall by the wayside and are ultimately overtaken by the competition

What’s the difference? Companies are simply collections of people. The beliefs and attitudes of the executives shape the company and lead it to success ---or failure
As the developers of TechMark, we know the difference. We have distilled the core factors that combine to make a company a winner and have created a collection of dynamic training modules that effectively teach executives how to achieve success as individuals—and then leverage that success throughout the company.


Dynamic Training With Measurable Results
TechMark is a collection of dynamic training modules designed to help your company create a sustainable competitive advantage. By combining concepts, techniques and processes, TechMark will change the way your executives think—now and in the future. TechMark’s core competencies include:

  1. Dynamic learning: Unlike passive lecture-based programs, TechMark is a hands-on experience with role-playing and simulations. Participants are actively involved in decision-making situations and learn the consequences of their choices.
  2. Holistic View: When managers can’t think beyond their departments, the whole company stagnates. In the TechMark environment, executives learn the interdependencies of all groups. They see how their decisions affect not only other departments, but also partners, suppliers and customers.
  3. Strategic and operational perspectives: There is often a chasm between the strategic thinking of executives and the operational thinking of middle managers. TechMark connects these two views, so everyone is working toward the same goals.
  4. Professional materials for executives: Rather than using hastily scribbled flip charts to illustrate concepts, TechMark actively engages executives with professionally designed materials. These high impact visuals and compelling graphics simplify complex systems.


Learn In Real Time
Keeping pace with the volatile global business environment, TechMark offers a portfolio of high intensity two-and three-day programs. TechMark is built around an ever-evolving computer simulation through which executives learn how all business aspects are interwoven-and act accordingl


Building and Managing Teams for Creativity and Innovation
Although some work in today’s organizations is accomplished individually, success is usually achieved through collaboration. Increasingly, employees are required to work in virtual teams that span multiple locations and communicate in both real-time and non-real-time environments. Through this course, executives will learn how to achieve creativity and innovation by effectively building and managing teams—wherever the team members are located.


Work Better As a Team
In today’s information-intensive world, the problem is not so much a lack of information as an overload of it. TechMark training simplifies even the most complex topics so they can be understood—and applied- in a real corporate environment. TechMark is real-time learning that delivers measurable results for everybody on the team.