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Some companies are top performers. They have the right products, the right strategies,the right timing. Others are lackluster. They run for awhile with the pack ... [More]

Message From the Founder

Chinese entrepreneurs and executives are quite capable of understanding the market and have many years of hands-on experiences, but they need to think in a more system and well-structured way. They know problems may exist in marketing, R&D or finance, but they have no idea how to solve these problems in a system manner; They may have in-depth knowledge about their home market, but when they are faced with markets that are more competitive and more international, they need to combine all the different concepts to think from a cross-functional and strategic perspective.



TechMark is a business acumen course and has been delivered to organizations worldwide. Business Acumen is a cross-functional, integrative and competitive exercise focused on collaborative learning and strategic and operational decision-making. You can use Business Acumen as a standalone program, or as an introductory or ending segment of a long-term executive program. TechMark is an effective management education program for training modern day managers for a business world that is highly uncertain, very complex and very ambiguous. I welcome you and your colleagues to participate in the TechMark program, a program that has made clear to senior managers of global companies from North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia the essential elements of strategy and operations in today’s business climate. I welcome you and your colleague to the TechMark world!


-Robert Eng
Founder of TechMark, Leadership Professor
Executive Director of Asia Institute, Babson College